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Producer: Marko Bussian & Ingmar Hansch

Singer: Ingeborg Schmich & Will Willkins


Suburban lounge music with international artist. The new interpreted cover versions are produced in a chilly "Blue Beat". Soft Ambientsounds meeting with groovy beats, connected throughout the mellow vocals.


Bo Hamia: Jazzsinger,white, 28 years, with a lot of live experience
Will Wilkins: Rapper,black, from Michigan USA
Fou: Bass Player, french
J.M. Arrow: Jazzkeyboarder
Ivan St. Ives: kubanian Trompetplayer
Ron Artis: Guitarplayer New York.

NEW ALBUM "Ibiza Winter Sessions" OUT !!!


Marko Bussian

marko bussian . composer . sounddesigner

m. bussian studied "tonmeister" at the "hochschule für musik & darstellende kunst" in vienna

while this time he was working for different theaters and musicals; for "kunstradio" at the austrian broadcast (ORF); recording classical orchestras like "swiss jouth orchestra" . "jeunesse orchestra vienna" . "thai pei orchestra" and different soloartists and composers like francis burt . kurt schwertzig

live-engineering for candy dulfer . selig . einstürzende neubauten . peter hammill . lucilectric

since 1995 he was working in frankfurt as a composer . sounddesigner . music producer
in 2003 he moved to ibiza to continue his work in an inspiring sourrounding
in 2005 he founded the record labels confu records . terraneo records ltd.


sound installations

r.f. handl trio - scherenschnitt london 1993
r.f. handl trio - B*A*D graz 1994


jessica hausner - ruths birthday 1994
ulrike schweiger - zapping 1995
marcus imboden - bela block IV 1997 (music concept)
zdf - zwei allein 1998 (additional arrangements)
upstart films - marmor stein & eisen bricht 2000
rave mac beth 2001 (track)

tv trailer . tv & cinema commercials

pro 7. zdf . chrysler jeep . olympus . ellen betrix . rover . wilkinson . mercedes benz . bmw mini cooper . deutsche bank . mc neill . at&t . adtranz . renault . ford . philip morris . porsche and many more

as a music producer . remixer . recording engineer

la.mia.bocca . fous de la mer . lafee . colecat . glissando bros . emel . funky diamonds . elektrostar . echobox . will wilkins . nada . blake baxter . noa . carlos nunez . ohm-g . u-bahn kontrolleure . fame & sarah . silicon funk

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